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  • Provide unbiased and independent insight into the overall health of a firm’s trading enterprise
  • Provide a centralized dashboard horizontally across a firms’ front, middle and back office technologies
  • Provide key firm stakeholders assurances that policies and supervisory procedures are being followed

Eventus Systems provides innovative software solutions that focus on processing and analyzing data throughout our client’s organization in order to facilitate intelligent decision making.

Success via Intelligent Data

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Advanced run-time reporting and analytics platform
providing a centralized view of trading, operations, surveillance, compliance and risk management

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Key Differentiators of Validus

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Validus is operating on a runtime basis on reconciled trades.

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Validus spans key functional areas regulators are focused on.

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Validus is a platform which our customers can leverage the underlying technology to customize for any type of important information they want to alert, analyze and report on.

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Being able to run all analytics and reporting off reconciled data between multiple counter parties provides independent validation.

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Validus is built upon high performance technology battle tested on millions of messages and can be scaled for any size firm.

Validus is Designed for

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    US Equity Execution & Clearing Firms
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    Exchanges &
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    Proprietary Trading Firms

Press Releases

Eventus Blog

FINRA Cross-Market Equity Report Card Made Easy

Imagine for a moment that the FBI sent you a letter telling you that it had looked through all of your digital activity over the last month and it spotted some things that might indicate potentially illegal behavior by someone in your house. Included with the letter are dozens of pages with a recommendation for you to review it and address the suspicious items. How you go about doing that is up to you.

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How can we help? – Disrupting the Regulatory Industry

I recently rehashed an old idea of mine as I was reading Chris Skinner’s post “Real-time connections between regulators and banks is a game-changer.” If a financial regulatory body (like FINRA or ESMA for instance) was being created today, how could it be different?

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Travis Schwab


20 years experience in all aspects of the financial technology industry working in senior roles in the exchange, bank/broker dealer, proprietary trading and vendor space

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Jeff Bell


An equity industry veteran (previously CEO of Lime Brokerage and EVP of Wedbush Securities), who brings together an unique combination of strong management and deep technology backgrounds.

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Kerry Clendinning


With over 30 years of software development experience, Kerry has the special ability to use software and database technologies together to architect and develop innovative solutions. Kerry has multiple relevant and successful software patents.

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