Eventus’ Validus platform is built to operate in the most demanding environments and market conditions and has the flexibility, speed and reliability to effectively deliver comprehensive trade surveillance, compliance and market risk solutions. When market conditions in global equities, equity options, futures, fixed income, FX and cryptocurrencies raise questions, Validus provides answers.

Track and monitor the critical actions that concern regulators.

Keep an eye on behaviors and activities that demand your attention.

Analyze key risk metrics across the firm, including pre-trade and execution systems.

Full-featured Trade Risk Solution

Validus provides industry-leading solutions for compliance, trade surveillance and market risk with the following features:


Over 70 integrations with ability
to quickly add custom connections


Built to connect into existing
systems for growth, including
multiple, full-function APIs


An unparalleled comprehensive
suite of tools for any reporting needs

Superior Data

Delivers reconciled, multi-
counterparty data

Integrated Across
Key Areas

Regulatory, operational,
financial and surveillance apps


Capable of handling any
amount of data

Flexible Report

Runs at the pace of your
business, up to real-time

Centralized dashboards with applications providing a complete trade surveillance toolset including:

  • Alerts
  • Alert Visualizer
  • Internal Analytics
  • Position Monitor
  • Reconciliation
  • Risk Limits
  • Surveillance
  • Viewer/Query
  • Visualizer

Over 300 unique and powerful pre-built procedures including:

Hybrid Procedural/Machine Learning (ML) Tools

Spoofing, Layering, Momentum Ignition

Indicative Opening Price (IOP)

Intermarket Sweep Orders (ISOs)

Wash Trading

Tag 50/2018

Position Limits

Insider Trading

15c3-5 Controls Validation

Reg NMS/Order Marking

Market Making

Over 80% of prospects who undertake a custom demo become Validus customers. Contact us to find out why.